Walkthrough Rashel’s Ikigai.

In this video, speaker Rashel Hariri gets personal about her own career Ikigai and why reevaluating it has been key. The Ikigai framework helps identify the intersection between what you love, what the world needs, what you can get paid for, and your innate talents.

Rashel shares how reflecting on her Ikigai has guided her career journey, from pivoting from marketing roles to launching her own company. She'll explain how her passions and strengths have evolved over time, leading her to remap her Ikigai to ensure alignment with her values.

Through her experience, Rashel will underscore the importance of consistently reassessing your Ikigai as you grow and change. What energized you earlier in your career may differ from what fulfills you now. Rashel will share tactics for checking in with yourself and rediscovering your purpose when you feel misaligned.

Class Description

Finding a fulfilling career that aligns with your values and interests can seem daunting. But taking ownership of your career journey and being intentional in your approach can lead to a meaningful and satisfying work life.

Owning your career means taking an active role in shaping it. By applying intention and continually learning and evolving, you can craft a meaningful career that aligns with who you are. This class provides actionable tips to guide you on that rewarding journey. In this exclusive class by Taekoff, listen in on industry professional Rashel Hariri's take on crafting a meaningful career.


Rashel Hariri is the Host of She’s Interesting podcast and a Strategist and Marketing Consultant for startups with over 14 years of experience leading marketing strategies and teams at global organizations. She created award-winning marketing campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world like McDonald’s, Shopify, and ING Direct. 

After leaving the corporate world in 2021, she established Rashel Hariri Inc., where she specializes in creating transformative go-to-market strategies, brand partnerships, product launches, and holistic marketing strategies for her clients.

Rashel is deeply committed to the success of startups and offers guidance to career-driven individuals. She is also a career and entrepreneurial coach and assists clients to unlock their potential and shape careers that resonate with their personal missions.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Rashel Hariri is passionate about mentoring and continuous education and has taught at online business schools across North America.

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