The 1:5:1 Networking Strategy: Building Quality Connections

Andrew introduces an effective networking method known as the "1:5:1" approach. This concept involves connecting deeply with one person, expanding your network by engaging with five more individuals, and then reconnecting on a deeper level with another person. This method enables you to build authentic and lasting relationships, fostering a network that offers both support and opportunities. Andrew's "1:5:1" networking approach is a game-changer for those seeking to create meaningful connections in a world saturated with superficial interactions.

Class Description

Join Andrew, a seasoned and highly skilled networker, in this insightful talk on the art of building and nurturing professional relationships. Andrew brings his extensive experience to the forefront, encouraging you to embrace a flexible approach with your career path. 

In this talk, Andrew challenges the traditional norms of networking. He promotes the idea of forming genuine, heartfelt connections over superficial interactions, a philosophy he encapsulates with 'Not Handshakes, Hugs.' He also introduces you to his unique 1-5-1 networking approach, which is designed to create deeper, more impactful relationships.

Drawing from his vast experience in building a large and diverse network, Andrew shares key insights on being organized. He discusses effective strategies involving the use of calendars, notes, LinkedIn, and email follow-ups to maintain and expand professional networks.

This talk is a great resource for anyone looking to enhance their networking skills. Andrew's approach combines his extensive experience with practical strategies and a focus on authentic connections, offering a unique and effective perspective on building a strong professional network.


Andrew is a leader and advisor for composable digital platform companies, characterized by his ENTJ-A personality type. He holds the position of GVP at Uniform, where he plays a pivotal role in supporting customer solutions and technology partners. 

Andrew's work involves guiding teams through the utilization of a visual workspace within a composable tech-stack. His professional journey is marked by a focus on growing his network, which is integral to his dual-function role. This involves applying technology strategy to resolve customer issues with the aid of a skilled team of engineers, as well as amalgamating tools, capabilities, and people to address these challenges. 

Andrew views his work as solving a complex puzzle, recognizing the importance of a robust network in achieving success in this endeavor.

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Simon Fraser University
Stanford University
Head of Product Development, Digital Platforms
TELUS Digital
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Stackbit (acquired by Netlify)
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