Frame Your Fit: Connecting Your Story to Their Mission.

In this video, Jermaine outlines his strategy for deeply researching what a company does and why it matters. Learn how investigating their product or service offering reveals the business challenges you’ll help solve.

Jermaine then shares his simple yet powerful formula for positioning your experience as the perfect solution for the company pain points they are hiring to solve. He walks through examples of connecting your background to concrete problems you’ll address in the role.

You’ll learn how to emphasize not just what you’ve done, but how you’ll use your strengths to further the company’s mission. Jermaine reveals key questions to ask when preparing that will help customize your interview stories and responses.

Class Description

Meet Jermaine L. Murray, "The Jobfather". Jermaine, a seasoned career coach, provides a comprehensive guide for navigating the tech job market. He shares insights on crafting a compelling professional narrative, discovering personal passions and goals, and mastering the art of storytelling in interviews. 

Jermaine also offers practical strategies for understanding interviewer priorities, effectively showcasing transferable skills, and aligning personal experiences with a company's mission. He addresses common job search challenges and emphasizes the importance of building a strong professional network. 

Throughout the series, Jermaine combines his extensive recruiting experience with personal anecdotes, offering you invaluable tools and techniques for career advancement in the tech industry.


Jermaine L. Murray, widely known as "The Jobfather," is a champion for diversity in the technology sector. Through his company JupiterHR, Murray dedicates his efforts to career coaching and assisting individuals in securing high-paying jobs within the tech industry. His accomplishments include leading workshops that provide innovative job search strategies, collaborating with key partners like Shopify, Wealthsimple, New Relic, and Spotify.

Career Counseling
Diversity & Inclusion
Technical Recruiting
Humber College
University of Guelph-Humber
Senior Recruitment Lead
Black Professionals In Tech Network (BPTN)
Board Member & Technology Recruitment Advisor
ICON Talent Partners
Technical Recruitment
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Team Union
Founder, The Jobfather™️