Finding a Career using AI & Technology

Manager, Talent Acquisition

Finding a Career using AI & Technology

James Phanyasaeng

In his informative talk, James, an experienced tech recruiter, delves into the dynamic world of AI-driven job searching. He introduces the versatility of ChatGPT, demonstrating how you can use it to stand out in resume building, interview preparation, and more. James emphasizes the importance of tailoring resumes for each job, meticulous company research, and data-backed salary negotiations.

He guides you on building a robust online career brand through platforms like LinkedIn, portfolios, and community engagement. James's talk will give you actionable takeaways to stand out from your peers in the job search with AI & technology, and also find ways to know exactly how much you should be getting paid. 

Class Episodes
13 episodes (24:54)
Meet James.
Meet James, the Talent Acquisition Leader at OMERS.
How did you know tech recruitment was for you?
James reflects on how his educational experiences and the relationships he built, laid the groundwork for his success in tech recruitment.
How did you get experience to become a tech recruiter? No internships required.
James didn't have the typical internships that most students do, but more through real-world experiences.
Starting a company: The highs and lows
In this episode, James opens up about why he started his own company, the setbacks he encountered, and his transition to making it a side hustle for enjoyment.
Mastering salary negotiation.
James tackles the crucial topic of salary negotiation from the perspective of a seasoned tech recruiter.
How to answer the “Expected Pay” question?
A common and often daunting interview question is: "What is your expected pay?" James offers practical advice and techniques on how to confidently and effectively respond.
How to use AI to get a job and stand out?
There are certain strategies you can do to effectively leverage AI tools to stand out in your job search, while also cautioning against common pitfalls.
How to build skills for the future?
This episode is your guide to understanding the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in a fast-changing technological landscape
Creating your own personal brand for success.
This episode sheds light on the importance of building a strong personal brand in today's professional world, emphasizing that it's not just about becoming an “influencer”.
How do you build a personal brand when you are shy?
Continuing on the topic of personal branding, this episode focuses on effective strategies for those who prefer not to be everywhere online.
Introvert to Networker: How to come out of your shell?
This episode features James sharing his personal journey from being an introvert to building a strong professional network.
What made you the person you are today?
James shares his personal narrative, revealing the milestones and experiences that shaped him into the individual he is today.
Envisioning the Future: James's Next Chapter.
In this final episode, James takes a look forward, sharing his aspirations and plans for the future.

James is a Talent Acquisition Leader with 10 years of experience. He leads the hiring and management of top-notch tech and innovation talent for OMERS, one of Canada's largest pension plans. James also oversees the diversity, inclusion, and employer branding efforts for his division. Previously, he helped to grow the Shopify Data team and was part of the initiative to hire 2021 Engineers in 2021, hiring across multiple locations and functions. James has also implemented recruitment best practices, process improvement and gained corporate partnerships in his roles.

Data Analytics
Data-driven Decision Making
Strategic Planning
Business Strategy
Technical Recruiting
Wilfred Laurier University
Head of Recruitment
CORE - Centre of Resource Excellence
Senior Recruiter
Talent Acquisition Manager
Manager, Talent Acquisition - Technology & Pensions
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