How to Leverage HR for Career Advancement

Vice President, Human Resources (Americas - Canada) @ Apex Group
Talent Development

How to Leverage HR for Career Advancement

Kristle Bautista

How can HR help you succeed?  In this talk Kristle Bautista, Vice President, Human Resources at Apex,  will unveil the crucial role of Human Resources in empowering employees' professional growth. It provides actionable insights on leveraging HR for career advancement, illustrating the benefits of partnering with HR.

You will learn how to tap into HR resources effectively, approach HR for support, and make informed career decisions. This talk is an essential guide for anyone aiming to unlock the full potential of HR in their professional journey, showcasing HR's capacity to act as a catalyst for success and empowerment in the modern workplace.

Class Episodes
14 episodes (23:33)
Meet Kristle.
Kristle’s story: How she became a VP of HR
How to navigate imposter syndrome?
Join Kristle as she confronts imposter syndrome head-on in the second episode of the series.
What are some misconceptions about HR?
In this video, Kristle dismantles common misconceptions surrounding the HR profession.
What can and can't HR help with?
In this fourth episode, Kristle tackles common questions surrounding the role of HR, from its capabilities to its limitations.
Who benefits from HR?
In this video, Kristle delves into the pivotal role HR plays in benefitting both employees and the organization as a whole.
Is it okay to ask a lot of questions when you get a job offer?
This episode addresses a common concern: Is it okay to ask numerous questions when presented with a job offer?
How confidential is what you tell HR? Do they tell my manager?
Kristle delves into the intricate topic of confidentiality within HR practices.
How confidential are employee surveys?
Kristle sheds light on the confidentiality of employee surveys.
What are some initiatives around salary transparency?
Kristle dives into the intricacies of negotiating salaries and exploring the challenges and initiatives surrounding salary transparency.
How to know your rights when terminated from a job?
In this episode, Kristle provides guidance on termination and employee rights.
Stepping back from your corporate job to focus on a passionate project
In episode 11, Kristle embarks on a transformative journey, stepping away from her corporate role to pursue a passion project.
What do you love about HR and why did you choose it?
In this episode Kristle reflects on her journey into HR, pondering the reasons behind her love for the field and her decision to pursue it.
What has been the most fulfilling moment in your career?
Kristle reflects on the pinnacle of her career - the moment that encapsulates the true essence of her impact.
What is the best piece of advice you have received?
In this final episode, Kristle shares this best piece of career advice that came from a fourth year professor.

Kristle, a published author and Amazon best-seller of "The Pivotal Moment," is renowned for her work in highlighting stories of hope and redemption, like that of David Young, who transformed abandoned lots into urban farms post-Hurricane Katrina. As Vice President of HR for the Americas - Canada at Apex Group Ltd and a Board Director for the Toronto International Film Festival (Reel Asian), Kristle leverages her platform to promote global change and support the unsung voices through storytelling. Her involvement as a juror for the "So You Think You Can Pitch" film festival further underscores her commitment to bringing impactful narratives to the forefront.

Regulatory Compliance
Employee Development
Conflict Resolution
Effective Communication
York University
University of Guelph
York University
Senior HR Advisory
Magellan Aerospace Limited
Strategic Partnership
The Pivotal Moment
The Pivotal Moment
Professor/Course Director
York University
Vice President, Human Resources (Americas - Canada)
Apex Group Ltd
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