Growing in Leadership Without Losing Your Technical Edge

Digital Platform Product Lead / Staff Engineering

Growing in Leadership Without Losing Your Technical Edge

Seb Barre

In Seb's talk, he takes you on a personal journey through his career, beginning as a developer and addressing a common challenge faced by many technical professionals: the fear of losing technical skills when aspiring to advance into management roles. Seb delves into the various career paths available, both technical and non-technical, illustrating that this fear doesn’t need to be a barrier.

Through his own experiences and perspective, Seb will inspire you to embrace career growth opportunities without compromising technical expertise, ultimately highlighting that there are numerous avenues for personal and professional development in the ever-evolving landscape of the technology industry.

Class Episodes
11 episodes (26:27)
Meet Seb.
Seb Barre is a seasoned staff engineer with nearly 30 years of experience in software development.
The Universal Impact of Technology
Seb shares his journey from developer to staff engineer and emphasizes the critical role of tech in diverse sectors like fashion, food, and beyond.
What does the role of a staff engineer look like?
Seb gives an insider's perspective on his typical day, from coding to team collaborations and problem-solving challenges.
What was a critical moment in your career?
In this episode, Seb reflects on a pivotal moment that significantly shaped his career.
How long should you stay at a company?
Drawing from his extensive experience as someone who has hired a lot of people, Seb shares advice on making strategic career moves.
Startups vs. Big Tech Companies
Join Seb as he weighs in on the "Startups vs. Big Tech Companies" debate. He provides insights on the unique challenges and rewards of each, helping you make informed career decisions.
The best technical solution might not always be the right one
Seb explores the nuances of choosing solutions that align with business goals, user needs, and practical constraints.
What advice do you have for developers or technical people who want to move into management?
Seb shares the challenges (and fears) that are often faced by technical individuals who want to move into management.
How has tech changed over the years?
With years of experience in the industry, Seb offers a unique perspective on the rapid growth and changes in technology over the years.
What motivates you?
Seb shares what keeps him driven and passionate in his tech career. He offers a personal glimpse into what fuels his enthusiasm and commitment to the ever-evolving world of technology.
Why are mentors so important?
In this video Seb highlights the crucial role mentors play in shaping careers and fostering growth.

Seb Barre is an accomplished technology leader. His career is characterized by a commitment to innovation, a keen understanding of the evolving tech landscape, and a passion for driving excellence in all endeavors. Seb started his career as a software developer, but learned to code much earlier when his dad brought home a computer and he started coding at the age of 8. Fast forward to today, Seb is an accomplished Staff Engineer leading a team at TELUS. 

UI/UX Design
Technical Project Leadership
Product Development
Software Development
Product Management
University of Ottawa
Director of Technology
Havas Canada
Tech Solutions Consultant, Digital Review Board
TELUS Digital
Head of Product
Software & Technology Consulting
Digital Platform Product Lead / Staff Engineering
TELUS Digital
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