Navigating an Unconventional Career in Tech

Data & AI Technical Specialist @ IBM

Navigating an Unconventional Career in Tech

Partik Dullat

In her talk, Partik shares her unique career journey, emphasizing the importance of following one's interests even when it means going against the grain. Despite starting with a computer science degree, she quickly realized that a traditional developer role wasn't her true calling. Partik's story is a testament to the versatility of a computer science background, as she shares the unexpected opportunities it opened up for her. Her talk will serve as an inspiring reminder that the pursuit of your passions can lead to unforeseen and rewarding paths in the ever-evolving world of technology. 

Class Episodes
10 episodes (23:24)
Meet Partik.
Partik offers a candid glimpse into her current responsibilities and the dynamic world of data and AI at IBM, providing viewers with an inside look at the challenges and triumphs of a career in tech.
A day in the life of a Data & AI Technical Specialist.
Partik explains the technical expertise required in her day-to-day tasks.
Not everything has to be planned out.
Partik gets personal about why she chose computer science.
Learning to embrace change.
Partik shares about the ups and downs of starting out and gives us a peek into her early days on the job.
Going with your gut.
Partik opens up about not doing internships in school to focus on what she really loved.
The power of mentorships.
Partik opens up about the pivotal role mentors have played in her career.
Why did you decide to work at IBM?
Partik realized that daily coding wasn't her passion, which led her to explore other roles and companies.
You only feel imposter syndrome if you are growing.
Partik addresses a common challenge faced by many professionals: the feeling of imposter syndrome when switching roles.
The unexpected path can sometimes be the best.
Why it is important to keep an open mind and explore new roles, even if they deviate from your original career plan?
What makes you the person you are today?
Partik reflects on her journey, sharing the key experiences, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped her into the individual she is now.

Partik, an IBM Data & AI Technical Specialist, holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Queen's University. Starting as a Full Stack Developer/Consultant, she excelled in system design and innovative client solutions. Driven by a passion to close the gender gap in tech, Partik led IBM Canada's STEM for Girls Program, gaining skills in project management and partnership development. Her efforts engaged 10,000+ girls nationwide and fostered collaborations with organizations like Plan International and TELUS, impacting over 70,000 girls. 

Software Development
Public Speaking
Project Management
Queen's University
Director of Information Technologya
Queen's University
Technical Consultant
Senior Consultant
STEM for Girls Leader
Data & AI Technical Specialist
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